Saturday, December 19, 2009

Coming out of the ashes of my life, I am born anew.
Interviews, trips, running about.. getting married and being in love.
Wish someone would hire me, give me a chance.
Want to cook and create, but have no home or kitchen I can run amok in.
Nothing of my own, all stuck in a box inside another box, for which we pay money for.
Hold on to it for me.. I will be back.

Scared of life, scared of the unknown and too fearful to go towards it.
Willing to move... things all packed and ready for a new challenge.

By the Grace of God... GIVE IT TO ME!
I pray, even though I am not all that spiritual. Seems that there is a Catholic still struggling inside me to get out and renew my faith. But I am not sure I want it renewed.. I am on the wait and see program... Wait and see if anything happens after all the prayers that have been lifted up to God in my name. The unknown again.

in God?

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