Monday, July 26, 2010

Omaha Bound

Glory Be!!!
I am headed to Omaha Nebraska for an interview this week with a great company and a well respected university. I am ecstatic!! But, like my normal neurotic self... nervous!
I put off working at the losing weight thing for the last 2 weeks, but I haven't gained any back.. not for lack of trying. I have been baking like a madwoman on crack!
Nectarine gallettes, chocolate custard pie with an amazing meringue, lemon sponge custard and raspberry coulis, almond pear cake in coffee cups...also canning and preserving too!
Steven's mother and I made Chow Chow and giardiniera. I have been going to the fruit stand via bicycle once a week too to pick up the over ripe stone fruit @ $5 a flat! This morning I cut up nectarines and plums and froze them for when I return on Friday... the plums will become mini glazed bundt cakes and the nectarines will become no sugar preserves. I feel more happy lately than I have in a long time... despite the fact I have not held a paying position in over a year.
It's the cooking that does it.
Tonight I am going to make Chipa Guasu, from Douglas Rodriguez's Nuevo Latino, (which is out of print)... We have fresh corn from the garden so I am making this lovely souffle-like dish.. It is light and tasty and almost like creamed corn, but way better!

Oh, Omaha! Lovely city... have done research and it seems like a good place to finally set down some roots. Steven and I have been living out of boxes and with family long enough! We made some mistakes in Texas, but that is long washed away. Just starting over. Seems like I have done that a lot in my life... but at least I have had the opportunity for second chances. Life is just a challenge.

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  1. Connie, you have a beautiful spirit...just be yourself and life will unfold for you.