Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I watch a lot of news. Carefully I watch because I need to know everyday how my life will be or won't be affected. One thing I have paid a lot of attention to is the fact that Congress, now having changed its stripes, will probably not vote to extend Unemployment Benefits to those out of work.They are lucky enough to have jobs, which we as the people gave them, and pay themselves an astonishing amount of money for what they do, how much time they get off and the benefits they have. If they all took a pay cut, I am sure that there would be funds for the extension. That is besides the point right now...

I need my unemployment. I have bills to pay, and if I didn't have it I wouldn't be able to LOOK for work. No money, no gas, no gas, no going to interviews, no going to interviews, no job. How hard is that for Congress to understand? I live in a rural area, staying with family because I lost my job because of cutbacks. I stay with family because I cannot afford to pay for rent, utilities and food. This way I can pay for food and gas...and try to find a job. I get lots of interviews, talk to lots of people around the country and thankfully for the internet (which I pay for) I can be a viable candidate in states other than California.

How many others are in the same situation as me? Looking for work, lost their place to live, and barely making it by... thankfully for family, but what about those who don't have family?

I have been out for work for over a year...between February and now I have applied to OVER 500 jobs. I have had probably 60 interviews... If I go get an $8/hr job it makes me unavailable to get a job that will make a living. Besides, I have applied for those jobs, and I am "over-qualified" and have been told that if they hired me I would make the manager look bad and they couldn't have that. (WTF?)

I am sure that being out of work has hindered me, that's why I cook and blog about it, volunteer and watch my friends kids while they work... I keep up on all the culinary trends and teach myself new tricks in my kitchen at home. I have read a lot of books, and keep myself occupied. This country will turn around... it will be a slow process, we have 8 years of damage to undo.

This is what my unemployment pays for:
storage bill
car insurance
cell phone
gas/maintenance on vehicle
dry cleaners (when I need a jacket cleaned)
cat food

I try and save some every check. I would like to stop living with family someday, really miss privacy.
I would also like to get back to work in the kitchen. I am really a great team leader and chef. Just waiting... and waiting.

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